Roman McConn literally grew up with dogs. In 2015, while he was outside a dog rescue center in Texas with his mother Jen, he decided he wanted to save dogs. He was four years old then.

He got very affected when he saw many dogs in cages under the heat of the sun. He asked his mother why the dogs were in cages. His mother said that the dogs needed homes. So he decided that he wanted to find homes for the dogs and take them out of the cages.

For his 4th birthday, instead of gifts, Roman asked for donations for the dog rescue center. He was able to raise $200 which all went to the shelter. Later, Jen and her husband, Roman McCann, went to a dog rescue center and saw hundreds of dogs waiting to be adopted or killed.


They were overwhelmed with what they saw and decided to do something. As a family, they decided to make dog rescue their mission and save dogs from the death row.

Then they visited shelters and took videos featuring Roman playing with and talking about dogs. They posted these videos on social media to generate support. In 2016, mother and son were able to raise $10,000 in cash donations as a result of their video campaigns. They used the money for dog adoption costs, dog rescue and hosted adoption events.

When the family transferred to Washington, they observed that there were lesser dogs-in-need in the area compared to Texas. They went back to high-kill dog shelters in Texas and arranged to transfer the dogs to no-kill centers in Washington.

Through donations, they raised enough money to cover transport expenses of dogs and cats. They founded Project Freedom Ride which connected unwanted dogs ready for euthanasia to humane societies, no-kill centers, and families. So far, they have helped transport 1,400 dogs and facilitated their adoption.

In recognition, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (ASPCA) gave Roman the Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year Award, and he delivered a speech at the Human Awards Luncheon in New York City last November 2018.

The Project Freedom Ride has partnered with some organizations and a media outlet to make its project more successful.

A child?s pure empathy and compassion towards dogs has gone a long way. Roman McCann has become the rallying face of the community for dog rescue.

Please watch the video below.


Source: The Dodo via Youtube



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