Most children are passionate about their pets. Many want to save all animals that they can get their hands on. We’ve got some great projects and stories about children making a difference in the mission to save all animals.

Project Ideas To Save All Animals


Birthday Donations:

Your child can tell family and friends that for their birthday, they want donations to be given to a local animal shelter. Donations can be in kind or financial donations. (Check With The Shelter First On Needs They Have).


This has been a fun way for children to get involved. Some have gotten a list of needed items and have asked for those items for their birthday. Children could even create a social media page with the help of a parent to keep the momentum going.

Local Bake Sale:

Many Children love to cook. Advertising locally and on social media prior to this event will help it be even more successful. Teaming up with local sponsors that will announce the event or let goodies are sold out front of their businesses is also a great idea!

Volunteer At A Local Animal Shelter:

Many shelters only let children volunteer if they have an adult present, while some only allow those 18 and over to help. Make sure to check with your local shelters before suggesting this idea. It is a great way to help care for the animals and gain experience in training and education expansion.

Foster A Dog:

If you have room in your home and your heart, foster a dog. (Or any animal). It is a great help to the shelter to have more places for animals to be cared for. Many foster families help crate train and teach their foster dogs basic commands. This helps them be better prepared for their forever families.

Be Kind To Animals:

Save All Animals

Being a good example is a great way to help save all animals. When someone is being unkind, encourage your child to tell someone. Stating how an animal can be treated can be a simple way to help correct behavior and save all animals.

Help Place Rescue Animals:

Many shelters and rescue groups would love help with finding homes and save all animals. Posting on social media, or hanging up fliers can really help. There is nothing quite like the feeling of helping someone find their fur baby.

Sponsor A Shelter Pet:

If you are’t in the position to foster an animal, then sponsoring one is another great way to save all animals. Sponsoring an animal at the animal shelter helps them continue to have food, medical care, and the things that they need. You can also take the time to go and play with a sponsored pet, so that they get exercise and TLC.

Adopt An Animal:

One of the quickest ways to save an animal is to adopt it. By choosing to an adopt an animal, you give them a permanent loving home.

Save All Animals Stories

There is nothing that touches my heart more than seeing children help save all animals. They just have the most innocent and purest love for all creatures. The video below contains several stories about children helping save all animals.

Dogs, foxes, chickens, goats, piglets and so much more that you just have to see for yourself!

In Conclusion, children are our future. With their help we can make the future a better place. Feed the fire of their natural passions, while they are young by helping them make a difference and save all animals.

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