If you happen to lead an active lifestyle, what you need is one of these high energy dogs. You can put a stop to your ongoing search because we have rounded up the best dogs for adrenaline junkies like you.

1. German Short-Haired Pointer

This hunting dog is quite well-rounded. It can run, swim, and even hike. The willful but friendly, smart but docile German Short-Haired Pointer is the best partner for outdoorsy individuals. If your day is not complete without breaking a sweat, these high energy dogs are your apt companion.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

This Swiss canine breed is a friendly and patient house pet. But if you need them to tag along for a hike, they’ll be more than ready to indulge your outdoorsy nature as well. Just refrain from over-exerting this dog during the peak of summer since their thick fur can cause them to overheat and suffer from fatigue and heatstroke.


3. Rhodesian Ridgeback


High Energy Dogs
These dogs originally hunted lions. If that does not impress, nothing can and will. The Rhodesian Ridgeback runs like a pro and compared to others is one of the high energy dogs. They manage warm to hot weather better. If you are a competent dog owner and leader, this willful, strong, and territorial dog breed will suit you well.

4. Weimaraner

There’s nothing the Weimaraner can’t do. These “gray ghosts” are apt runners, swimmers, and hunters. They can even run alongside you while you pedal away on your bike. That’s how fit and strong they are as runners.

If these high energy dogs are’t provided with enough physical stimulation, the Weimaraner gets bored and becomes grumpy. If you’re an active person, that should not be an issue. They are one of the best dog breeds for active individuals.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

If what you want is a dog with a stable and chill temperament, the Portuguese Water Dog is your guy. This dog is fond of the outdoors and bodies of water. This dog will be more than ready to accompany you in all of your hiking trips.

6. Australian Shepherd

High Energy Dogs

This dog is one of the least mischievous canine breeds out there. This does not mean they are no fun. In fact the Australian Shepherd loves playing all sorts of games such as catch and flying disk. This dog is fast, agile, and looks easy in the eyes.

If you want a constant companion for when the outdoors beckon, a competent and good-looking Aussie is a great choice. Another one of the great dog breeds for active individuals.

7. Border Collie

This athletic dog is also gifted when it comes to problem-solving skills. This makes them an exception to the fallacious rule that if you’re fit and active you must be thick and dumb. The Border Collie, in all its physical aptitude, nonetheless proves competent brain-wise, breaking the aforementioned dichotomy once and for all.

If there’s any downside to owning a Collie, it has to be the level of professional dog care they require. With this dog, you might as well be raising a child.

8. Labrador Retriever

This dog is one of the most amiable canine breeds known to mankind. But that’s not even their best quality. For active dog owners, the Lab is one of the best dogs to own and raise because they can easily keep up with their human’s thirst for all kinds of adventure. Very popular of the best dog breeds for active individuals.



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