No matter where you stand on the doggy smell debate?a fan or a critic?you need to invest time and care for to have a sweet smelling dog. Why? Just think of it as a favor you’re doing for those that regularly interact with your pup, other than yourself. People that don’t like it if you dog smells like urine. Similarly, those who may not exactly find that wet dog smell exciting.

1. Good Dog Food


Best Dog Food For Smelly Dogs

It starts with what your pup eats. The food they ingest is crucial to keeping their health at its best. A dog that’s healthy from the inside is less susceptible to that notorious doggy smell.


With this said, make sure you are not just investing on your pup’s outward appearance and prioritize their literal inner well-being as well. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can even provide your canine friend with regular servings of peppermint treats.

2. Baby Wipes

Dogs are limited in terms of their ability to clean up after themselves. This is where they need your help. Thankfully you have baby wipes at your disposal. These wipes are a convenient means for when you need to wipe away residual dirt and feces clinging onto your pup. Similarly, this is a great solution when your dog smells like urine.

3. Spray Bottle

Well, it’s not just spray bottle, really. You need to fill it up with water and vinegar. The lattlatter ld take up 1/3 of the mixture. You can use this concoction to deodorize your pup by directly spraying it to them. Just make sure you avoid spraying over their eyes and ears.

4. Cornstarch

Cornstarch fed to your dog will not solve stink probproblem is potentially dangerous. But if you use it to give your pup a dry, water-less bath, it can do wonders. Same goes with baking soda. Just rub these powders onto your canine’s coat all the way to the skin underneath, so as to maximize their deodorizing qualities.

5. Coat Brush

Dander and dirt accumulation in dogs’ coat causes bad a bad . This can be rectified by regularly brushing your canine friend’s fur. Aside from this practical benefit of brushing, it is also a classic way to bond with your doggy.

6. Potent But Safe DetergentSweet Smelling Dog

A smelly dog will leave their smelly smell on surfaces they rest in. This includes their bed, your couch, your carpet, and the like.

Now a smelly dog bed, couch, or carpet will return its smelly smell onto your smelly dog.

If you wish to avoid this smelly cycle, buy a potent but safe detergent and regularly wash these aforementioned stuff.

7. Toothbrush

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of dog stink. To avoid this, condition your pup into liking toothbrush time. Keep in mind that the health of a dog’s oral cavity is pertinent to their well-being and will result in a sweesweet-smelling

8. Baby Oil

Another known culprit of dog stink is poorly maintained ear ducts. To address this concern, use cotton balls soaked in baby oil, or any other mineral oils you might have, to wipe their ears clean.

This arsenal is all you need to come out victorious with a sweet smelling dog. Now go forth and win the battle.

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