Two common images come to mind when we think about animals and firefighters. A spotted dalmatian racing along with firefighters on a truck, its tongue blowing back in the breeze as happy as can be, or firefighters helping a poor old woman get her cat out of a tree, off a roof, or some other high place.

Pulling With All Their Might

Well, in this case, there were several firefighters who were trying to pull down a small tree with all of their might. They were working really hard, but they were not making much progress. They tried to tie a rope around the tree, and then several of them pulled on it with all that they had.

Can’t Hold It Back

They struggled over and over and it did not look like they were making much progress. Then, along came a dog that was on a walk with his owner.


He couldn’t hold himself back, he just had to help! He got the rope in his mouth, and he started pulling right along with those firefighters! He is a real life rescue dog!

His owner said that he could see that his dog was pulling with all his might, but the tree was not budging.

The firefighters determined to just let the dog keep helping them. He did not help pull down the tree.

However, he definitely lifted their spirits. How nice to have a dog that tried to rescue firefighters. Similarly, he put in his best effort. We celebrate this dog for that effort.

Determined to Serve

In the Netherlands a recent storm caused damage. Therefore, the tree was being pulled down. However, once the tree was pulled down this dog continued to try to help. Therefore, he continued to pull on the rope! Now, that is a determination to serve!

This is a great example of a dog that has the desire to help. Other dogs help people every day. Dogs are not given credit for what they do. Service dogs, emotional support dogs, therapy dogs, and even the family pet all serve in their own ways every day. It is something to ponder about.

Man’s Best Friends

Lately, I’ve been thinking about search and rescue dogs, police dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, drug locating dogs, and other service dogs.

In conclusion, these fuzzy guys really have become so much more than just “Man’s Best Friend. “It does not really cover the vital roles they fill. We need to express our gratitude for all of those animals that strive to serve and help us everyday.

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