Hospitals intimidate people, especially children. Because of the atmosphere, no one wants to be in the hospital.

However, it?s unavoidable for people not to get sick. Hospitals exist to make sick people well.

Hospitals nowadays find innovative ways to make a patient?s stay in the hospital a lot better, especially for kids.


Some hospitals included playrooms and toys, while others painted over the white hospital walls with colorful designs.

In Cincinnati Children?s Hospital Medical Center, they included the help of working dogs.

These dogs trained specifically to give comfort to sick people.

Named, Leica and Drummer, they bring joy to everyone in the hospital. They work forty hours a week visiting the sick kids, giving them comfort and love.

dog, girl, retriever

The program is a success. Every single time that the dogs come in to visit, the children’s faces light up. The effects are instantaneous.

One minute you?d find kids feeling depressed and lonely because they?re sick; another minute when the dogs come over to visit, you?d see the very same kids happily petting and giving the dogs belly rubs next to them in bed.

A child crying his or her heart out after getting injections will immediately stop after seeing and petting Drummer or Leica. They?ll start giggling with tears barely dry on their cheeks.

Although the dogs aren?t allowed in sterile environments, such as the ICU or the OR, these pups change everything in the hospital environment.

The dogs make the entire place brighter. Even the staff at the hospital stops the handlers before seeing the children just to hug the dogs.

Dogs do in fact make everything better. They can turn sadness into happiness instantly.

Drummer and Leica seem like normal dogs, but keep in mind that they trained for this kind of job. Which is why dogs, in general, are still not allowed in hospitals.

To watch Drummer and Leica in action, click the play button on the video below.

Source Cincinnati Children?s via YouTube

Thank you so much CincinnatiMagazine for this inspiring story.



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