Playing with toys has been a way for dogs to get their exercise and to keep them from getting bored. You will notice that your dog’s toys are always on your dog’s mouth. They are always being chewed or gnawed by your dog. That’s why they have to be nearly indestructible dog toys to withstand all that jaw power that will constantly be testing every chewy pet toy.

Apart from keeping our dogs from getting bored, toys are also a good way to exercise their jaws and keep their teeth clean from tartar build up.

How? As your dog bites the toy, he scratches the surface of the toy. That surface will later n brush against your dog’s teeth and help clean the surface of your dog’s teeth.


If you have active or aggressive chewers, here’s a list of recommended indestructible dog toys, and chewy pet toys.

Hard Nylon Bones

These have replaced the popular rawhide bones. Rawhide tends to break off little chips that could cause choking for your dog. These hard nylon bones, however, are made from chewable nylon so it won’t break or chip off.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are even molded to have raised bumps for dental purposes. There’s a variety that comes with injection-able flavors to make it more enticing and make your dog’s breath smell fresher. They will love these chewy pet toys.

Dog Toys Made From Rubber, Latex, Or Vinyl

You can also find toys that are made from rubber, latex, or vinyl. They are more durable than nylon and are also safe for dogs. Some of them are puncture-resistant, that’s why they are known to be better indestructible dog toys for hard chewers than plastic toys or rawhide bones.

Rope Toys

If you dog loves to play a game of tug these type is probably is a favorite chewy pet toy. Rope toys are designed to allow your dog’s teeth to penetrate without damaging both the rope and your dog’s teeth. They are designed to be tough enough to take on all the chewing and tugging your dog will be doing to it.

Plush or Fabric Toys

Plush and fabric toys are popular chew toys for dogs. However, these are not very durable. If your dog can destroy plush toys, you can give him one that’s made of sturdy denim. It will give him the chew that he wants without easily ripping the fabric.

Unique Dog Toys

These are also made of nylon so you can rely on their durability, especially if you have a tough chewer. Some of these type of toy are designed as a treat dispensing toy. So it greatly helps with keeping your dog busy and keeping his jaws and teeth clean and strong.

There are a lot of chewy pet toys you can choose from. You have to remember to take into consideration your dog’s size, chewing strength, and chewing frequency. Before you go out or go online to buy a toy for your tough chewer make sure to do a research on the toy you’ve been eyeing for your dog.

You have to make sure that the toys are durable enough to take on your dog’s jaw power. Remember that quality is a factor that you should always consider when buying anything.

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