When we think about a greyhound dog, we tend to think about their incredible speed. And it is no wonder that is the case because they are considered the fastest of all of the dog breeds. There is so much more to these dogs than just their speed.

The greyhound can reach about 45 mph in 30 feet on the race track. However, this characteristic is a small part of who they are.

Greyhound Dog Characteristics

Surprisingly, they are considered one of the best companion dogs. U.S. President George Washington actually traveled with a greyhound dog himself. Many people who own one will tell you that even though they run fast, they really are more of couch potatoes. They like to try to sit on your lap.


Greyhounds are the only dog that can be found as far back as ancient Egypt, 2900 B.C. They became popular in the United States in the 1600’s. They were used to protect crops by chasing away hares and other critters that would destroy the crops.

Greyhound Eyesight

Greyhounds have long headed skulls and a wide tapering muzzle. The placement of their eyes creates a 270-degree field of vision. This is more than double what a human can see. In other words, greyhound dogs can see behind their own head.

More Interesting Greyhound Dog Facts

Greyhounds can’t sit like other dogs. Because of the length of their leg bones, they backside cannot sit on the ground. They are often seen in a low squatting position, or laying down.

Because of their flexible spine, Greyhounds are able to lift all four of their feet off the ground at once for a couple seconds at a time while they are running.

These dogs are considered very sweet, even-tempered. They are able to do well in an apartment. Some have stated that their greyhounds are very emotional and want to spend time with their owners. And when they want attention, they will let you know.

They are considered very good family dogs. And are easy to train. Below, you can see what Ernest Arrellano’s experience was when he adopted a greyhound.

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home



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