Some dogs smell nice. Others smell, well, not quite nice. But they don’t smell bad per se. Perhaps they just smell the way nature intended them to smell. It’s called doggy smell.

If you have been wondering what are the common causes of that doggy smell talked about in hushed tones by dog parents worldwide, here is a list of answers.

Poor Diet

A healthy dog is more likely to smell less. On the other hand, unhealthy pups are more prone to developing nasally offensive stink. If you wish to avoid the latter scenario, make sure you know how to choose your dog’s diet.


Always remember that dog diet has direct effect in all of the biological functions of your pup. And these biological functions contribute to how they smell.

Residue Dirt

If yours is an energetic dog who likes running around outdoors, chances are they always have dirt stuck between the gaps in their paws. If dirt clings onto your pup for too long, it can create an unimaginable doggy smell.

Residue Feces

Dogs usually clean after themselves after doing their number two business by way of licking. But sometimes they miss out on some sticky and impertinent poop particles. Here’s where you can lend a hand armed with baby wipes. It’s worth it to avoid THAT doggy smell!

Not Enough BathingCommon Causes of Doggy Smell

Dogs need to take regular baths. If they are afraid of regular baths, at least regular dry baths. Failure to cater to this responsibility could stink up your house with doggy smell real good.

Dry baths can be done by using staple kitchen items such as baking soda. If you’ve run out, cornstarch will do just fine. If you don’t have that too, maybe it’s best to do it the old-fashioned way-water and dog shampoo.

Accumulation Of Dander

Dogs that are not given regular brushing are prone to accumulating dander in their coat. This can easily be a breeding ground for doggy smell-inducing microorganisms. So make sure you consistently bond with your pup via brush-time.

Unwashed Bedding And Covers

Let us tell you about a cycle that’s a little vicious. Pooch has become stinky. Doggy then decides to laze around on your couch. Your couch cover stinks horribly of that undeniable doggy smell.

The next time your pup lays on the couch, the stink from before will pass back onto your pup. The lesson here is to consistently wash couch covers, dog bedding, and the like.

Decaying Teeth

Make your pup learn oral hygiene early on to avoid this doggy smell culprit. Or if it’s too late and they already have decayed teeth, visit your vet to have it remedied ASAP. If not, the situation will only worsen and with it the stink will worsen too.

Infected Ears

Yeast infection within the ears of dogs is quite common. This problem causes a bad odor, among other things. To address this concern, you can use minerals oils to clean your pup’s ears. Just soak your preferred oil in cotton balls. Refrain from using cotton swabs because of the risks they pose.

Here are 7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh.



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