What would it be like to smell more than one scent at a time? Can you imagine it? You can smell your favorite entree and your roommates dirty sneakers at the same time. ICK!

But, that is how it is for our canine friends. Dogs smell in stereo, so to speak. They can smell more than one smell at a time.

These doggies have hundreds of millions more receptor cells in their nose than we do. Do dogs have a sense of time?


Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Time


It is hard to imagine in’t it? Imagine being able to tell how long ago something has occurred by scent.

If you just came in the door, your dog smells your scent strongly. When you have been away for several hours, your scent is much more faint.

Have you ever wondered how your dog knows when your spouse, children or someone else is coming home? Maybe they just have a dog sense of some kind.

They are often sitting there within moments of the time that they normally come through the door. How do they do that? Well, in a sense, they can smell time. It is a strange thought, but it is true.

Think about it. They can smell the morning, the afternoon, and then any consistent smell that happens around those times of the day makes it even more defined for them.

Imagine what noon must smell like. The hottest time of the day. I bet that many smells intensify at that time.

The Answer To Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Time

Swedish researchers did a study that showed that a dog will respond more intensely to the return of an owner more strongly the longer that they are gone. They are aware of us by our scent, so they would notice when we are going away even if they are not in the room.

This uncanny ability has made dogs great for hunting and work that involves scent. Which makes you think a little bit about those moments when people say that a dog has a false positive.

They may not have, the item that they were smelling for may just have been gone a little while, but was there recently enough that the dog indicates that it was present.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs have a lot of anxiety when their owners are gone. There are some great products out there that can help calm your dog while you are away at work.

One of the most interesting ones that we came across was Dog Appeasing Pheromone. This pheromone imitates the scent of a nursing mother dog. It is available as a spray, in a diffuser or within your dogs collar.

The Sound Of Silence

White noise has been able to help with dogs that do not like a lot of external sounds. Of course, you could always try sleeping with a stuffed animal in your bed that you leave with your pup all day. Or a shirt that you put on them that also has your scent.

Have you found ways to keep your dog calm while you are away? Let us know!

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