Chihuahua’s are one of the oldest breeds in the Americas. These tiny fellas were used and carried around by ancient Mexican royalty. This breed is the smallest dog breed in the world. However, do they have the largest brain of all dog breeds?

Some scientists say that a fox is the ancestor of the Chihuahua. These tiny pups are one of the most popular small dogs because they loved to be carried around. These little furry friends are often treated like babies. It’s completely understandable why they are considered to be the ultimate lap dog.

Chihuahua Characteristics

People are drawn to Chihuahua’s large dark eyes. These fur babies are very small, and can weight as little as 2 lbs. These little guys have short or long hair in several different coat colors. The most common coat colors are red, tan, black, white or “splashed”. Chihuahuas can have an apple or deer shaped head. And yes, relative to its size, the Chihuahua does have the largest dog brain.


These fur babies are the only dog born with a soft spot, and unlike humans, they keep that soft spot their entire lives. When they are puppies, their ears lay flat. When they get older, their ears perk up and are large for their size. Their large ears help keep them cool and hear prey and predators.

Chihuahua Qualities To Consider

The chihuahua is a great dog to own. They are not good with younger children. Similarly, children can hurt them, and these little guys are very protective. They tend to bond to only one owner and are very territorial.

They are easy to train if they are trained young. Therefore, difficult to train if they are 2-3 years old before training was started.

They also are considered one of the healthiest dog breeds. But, they are sensitive to cold and do better in warmer environments.

Chihuahua Family Addition Experience

Enjoy this personal experience of a young woman picking up her precious little chihuahua puppy. He was so much more than she was expecting! Above all, he was so much less! Check it out.

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