This breed has several different types in the world. All of them are large dogs. People often ask if they are a small horse or a pony. These dogs are massive. The Guinness World Record for an English Mastiff is 343 lbs and he was 8 feet from head to tail. However, Does the average Mastiff weigh as much as a human?

This dog breed is the oldest English dog breed. They have a protective nature and are great watch dogs.


These big guys have wide-set eyes, a very broad head and a short coat. Additionally, their coat comes in three colors, apricot, brindle and fawn . These gentle giants are heavy-boned and muscular. They have a head similar in size to the polar bear.


They are a slow moving dog. Are very slow with everything that they do. They can be trained, but a lot of patience is required. Be willing to take your time and you will see success.

They are not recommend for families with small children. They are a gentle giant. If you are a clean freak, these dogs are not for you. They are big, have a lot of waste, and they slobber all the time.


It is believed that Phonetician merchants brought these giants by boat to Britain around 500 B.C. In 55 B.C. Caesar mentions that they fought next to the English soldiers when he invaded Great Britain.

Seven Types Of Mastiffs

Tibetan Mastiff
Neapolitan Mastiff
Giovanni Mastiff
English Mastiff
Dogue de Bordeux (French Mastiff)
Abruzzese Mastiff

Weight Mangement

Clearly, the world record holding English Mastiff is huge! And these delightful dogs are the largest dog breeds, in muscular strength and size. Of the smallest of the Mastiff breeds, the males still top at 120 LBS. Many of the larger types are over 200 LBS. So yes, this gentle giant really does weigh withing the average weight range of a human.

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