Since 1989, Save The Animals Rescue Team ii has been rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs and cats. They are a 501 (C) 3 organization. Two times a week, they go to a shelter and rescue many adoptable animals. Their focus is on dog adoption and cat adoption.

What Save The Animals Rescue Team ii Provides

They provide veterinary care, great living conditions, social experiences and exercise. Save The Animals Rescue Team ii matches potential adopters with beautiful fur babies. Therefore, it is their mission to find the perfect match, so that all animals have a forever home.

Similarly, they focus on community outreach. They teach about spaying, neutering and how to get affordable vaccinations. This Rescue has been able to save and match over 7000 animals to date. (They sure are amazing!)


In The Beginning


Over 35 years ago, Marge Kayne began to live her passion in her garage. Today, she has over 100 volunteers. Together, they’ve saved more than 7000 lives. However, she did’t get to this point alone.

One day she met Ellen Forwalk who worked at a local Psychiatric facility. It was Ellen who suggested that Marge use an empty building they had there. Additionally, for 13 years, their idea not only gave these rescue animals a great place to be, but they also became therapeutic animals for the patients.

Since then, the psychiatric facility has closed. Save The Animals Rescue Team ii moved on to the former Elmwood, NJ Animal Shelter. This location gave them easier access to three adoption facilities!

Marge makes it clear that she would not be able to accomplish all that she does every day if it was’t for her fantastic volunteers.

And even though it can be hard at times, all they have to do is look into the eyes of a dog they rescued, and they find the passion to keep on going. Marge says that she is looking forward to another 35 years!

Dog Adoption Spotlight

This month, our featured dog rescue is Hannah. She is currently available and ready for adoption. We are told that Hannah is very sweet. She is a great fit for a home with children. She is house-trained and minds her manners.

At the shelter, she doesn’t bark or cause any issues. She is two years old, even though she looks younger. She has a fun personality. A very lovable fur baby, and she knows basic commands.

Hannah is a Labrador Retriever mix and is currently located in Elmwood Park, NJ.

In conclusion, if you are interested in meeting Hannah, you can either call 201-797-8861 or email

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