Before you know it, the greatest season of thunderstorms is very near! In areas of the United States during the summer thunderstorms and electrical storms are common.

During monsoon season, the southwestern United States has an incredible light storm practically every year for months!

It is very common for these types of storms to scare your dog. It is best to be prepared to help man’s best friend!


Looking into what triggers the anxiety and stress that many dogs experience, we discovered that there are a few ways that you can calm your dog. In other words, when they are going through those stormy day sensations and emotions you can help.

Signs of Dog Anxiety

Most people are aware of the common signs and indications that their dog is distressed. Your dogs tail will go down between their legs. Their eyes go very wide and they pull their ears back tight against their heads.

Panting and yawning with a little whine are also very common. According to Terry Curtis, a clinical behaviorist at the University of Florida of Veterinary Medicine, it is very possible for dog anxiety levels to reach high and dangerous levels.

Curtis mentioned that he has had cases where a dog has scratched all the way through the drywall. And that is not the only case that he had like that. There have been a few. Another memorable one was that a dog jumped through the sliding glass door. Why is there such a strong reaction to storms? You might be wondering, we definitely did.

Static Sensitive Pooches

Dogs can pick up on the electrified barometric pressure. For instance, dim lighting, loud wind, and terrifying booming of thunder rumbling across the sky negatively impacts dogs. These conditions rapidly create reactions of terror in canines.

Some canines have noise aversion. This makes storms very unpleasant for them. In other words, they can become phobic of loud sounds or noises. It is very possible that the pups can feel static electricity build up in their fur like we can with the hairs on our bodies.

For instance, Nicholas Dodman, a veterinary behaviorist at Tufts University and also chief scientific officer at the Center for canine behavior Studies points this out.

Very large dogs, easily accumulate static electricity when they have thick or long coats. When we put on a sweater or a knit hat we can get shocked when we touch a car or someone else if we are not wearing rubber soled shoes. Similarly, our dog can too.

If your dog is already pretty anxious during and throughout storms, and they have a longer or layered coat, they may be feeling that static electricity build up and they may not like it.

For instance, if they touch their nose to another object and get a shock it would definitely upset them further. That can lead to a full on phobia, according to Dodman.

However, Kelly Ballynty at the University of Illinois thinks that it would be really hard to evaluate and test whether or not static electricity buildup triggers stress or anxiety in dogs. (Not likely considered ethical either, in our opinion.)

Anti Anxiety Treatment For Dogs

In conclusion, help your dog feel safer in a storm by trying this natural anti anxiety treatment for dogs. Allow him to hide in a place where he feels safe. Run a machine that makes white noise or some other sound that drowns out the sound of the storm. This can really help.

If you discover that this is not enough for your dog, it is best that you contact your vet. You vet can let you know about other anti anxiety treatment for dogs.

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