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For dog lovers, their pooches are an integral part of their life and family. But sometimes this notion may change whenever a new human arrives in the family home.

This dilemma, however, is not particularly true with Molly the Westie White Terrier, who has been the apple of the eye for couple?Michael and Emma McGowan. The couple soon had a baby girl, but their love for their pooch never changed.

To show that they equally love the dog and their new child, the couple had a brilliant idea of creating a bedroom specifically for Molly’s use only.?Michael told The Dodo in an interview that the idea popped into their mind so that the dog won’t feel snubbed as soon as the new baby arrives.


The couple, however, had an initial problem and that is the location of the potential room for Molly. They soon realized that the perfect location for the would-be room is the space between the stairs of their house. Michael then started planning out how he will execute the plan.

Since Michael is not good with building such room, he sought the help of a tradesman. Per Michael, the tradesman helped him in the early stage of conceptualization, including the cutting of the doorway, fitting the doorframe, and putting the sockets to fit the lighting.

The next stages included the plastering, painting, and flooring of the room. After all of these were accomplished, Michael thought of making the room cozier. He added a lamp and a comfortable pillow for Molly’s use. Michael also put a small sofa on it.

A doormat with a sign ‘One Spoiled Dog’ can also be seen in Molly’s room. At first, Molly was hesitant to enter her new room, but as soon as she settled down, she was able to enjoy his owner’s gift to her.

Aside from the new room, Molly soon met her new sister. The two, according to their parents, easily clicked and since then became the best of friends.

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