Dogs are highly intelligent animals which allow them to recognize danger or emergency. This is what happens to a man named Paul Horton.

Horton was biking with his dog, Yogi, one beautiful afternoon in Lake Travis Texas. Both were having a great time when Horton hit a bump. The incident caused the man to summersault and landed him on hard ground. Horton realizes he could no longer move. He was paralyzed!

No one is there to help him. He can?t get up to look for help, nor call 911. The nearest houses were miles away. At this point, his trusty four-legged friend Yogi is the only one who could help him.


Horton didn?t have to tell Yogi what to do. The dog immediately took off and looks for help. Yogi ran towards the houses. Fortunately, Horton?s neighbors were on the main road walking when Yogi came upon them.

Bruce Tate and his wife Maggie wondered why Yogi was barking frantically and acting so weird. Yogi?s behavior alerted the couple and decided to investigate. They followed Yogi and she led them to Horton?s location.

Watch the video below of the incredible story of Yogi?s heroism and Paul Horton?s accident.


Yogi saved Horton?s life. We believed that the dog would do it all over again. The accident left Horton quadriplegic, but he is still thankful to Yogi for saving his life. His dog was the only one who witnessed his fall and the only one who was there to help her when his life was in danger.

There is no question that dogs are the most loyal and faithful animals that people ever had the chance to meet. They are willing to give their lives to their humans in a second. In return, we should take care of our dogs. They deserve our respect our love.

Source kxan via YouTube



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