Cupid, a 12-year-old chihuahua is a very loved pup! When it came time for her human mom, Betsy to go off to college she made sure to take her with her. Not only did Cupid get to go off to college, in this dog story, Betsy creates Cupid’s bedroom in a spare closet.

Classy And Comfortable

While Betsy was in class, she wanted to make sure that Cupid was comfortable. However, being comfortable was not enough for Betsy. She loves Cupid so much, that she wanted her to have a classy and comfortable place to be.

A spark of inspiration came to Betsy, and she decided that a spare closet in her apartment was perfect! The closet quickly became Cupid’s classy and comfortable condo.


Cupid’s Condo


Betsy designed Cupid’s bed herself. It is a classy four-post bed. You can’t help but appreciate the attention to detail and care that Betsy put into Cupid’s bed. She made the bedding herself. It has a beautiful floral print. Above the bed, you can see that there is a matching valance.

During the Christmas season, Cupid had her own Christmas tree. It only added to the warmth and classic feel of this doggy condo.

Classy Design

Betsy poured her heart into this project, and it is clear when you see the handmade name plaque above Cupid’s bed. The plaque also matches the bedding and valance. Even the little puppy powder room is nice and classy looking.

The lovely plush carpet compliments the decor theme, and is sure to feel good on Cupid’s paws. Hanging in the closet is several of Cupid’s outfits. It is clear that this fur baby has been loved well, and for a long time.

We especially love the accent blanket with matching pillow that cuddles Cupid as she relaxes in her bed. Being a senior dog, Cupid needs to take it easy these days. It is such a sweet gesture.

In conclusion, Cupid has been given a classy, comfortable condo. It is clear that she is loved and will be cherished throughout the sunset years of her life.

If you know someone who loves their dog like Betsy loves Cupid, share this story with them.

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