Love dogs? Have you always wanted to be a dog handler? There are several different types of dog handler positions out there, but one of the most desired positions is with the TSA. It is very common for those who love the idea of working with bomb sniffing dogs to research how to become a TSA K9 Handler.

The process to become a TSA dog handler is not a simple one. A TSA dog handler must go through specific training. They must be able to read their dog very well. The slightest change in behavior could actually mean that the dog has detected something.

Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Doc is a great bomb sniffing dog. He loves going to work. Because of how excited he is, his handler is motivated to go out the door every day.


This job involves a lot of flexibility and being alert. There are no two days that are the same. His handler states that Doc does more than 99% of the work, it is her job to make sure that she is his voice.

Since 9/11 a lot has changed. The world has changed. It is the duty of TSA bomb sniffing dogs and their handlers to keep all transportation safe from terrorism every day. See Doc at work in the video below.



How To Become a TSA K9 Handler

It is an?extensive process to become a TSA dog handler. However,?you can do it if you are dedicated and determined to fulfill your dream.

In order to become a TSA dog handler, you must be a state or local law enforcement officer, or a transportation inspection officer.? You must have a thorough understanding of canine behavior to be accepted into the training program.

Dog handlers and canines are paired up for training. Depending on which type of training that they are completing, it can take between 10-12 weeks to complete it.

After graduation from the program, canines and handlers train for an additional 30 days at their assigned location.

Watch some of the training in the video below:

Dog Handler Jobs

This is one of the best dog handler jobs available. A TSA dog handler can make between $48,000 and up to almost $99,000 a year if they are working at one of the major United States airports.

How to Turn Your Love Of Dogs Into A Paying Job



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