So, you’ve seen all these great recipes that use rice for homemade dog food and treats, but you only have Jasmine rice in the house. Therefore, you are wondering, “Can dogs eat Jasmine Rice? “The answer is ” Yes.”

In other words, like humans, dogs can eat rice. Therefore, we are going to share the benefits, as well as uses of rice in your dog’s diet, and how often it is safe for them to eat rice. Most importantly, the list of rice good for your dog that we found is:

  • Red Rice
  • Wild Rice
  • Jasmine Rice
  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Basmati Rice
  • Premium Rice

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice Often?

Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice


Likewise many dog owners feed their dogs homemade dog food that contains rice. For instance, we are aware of some that have been doing so for years and they say that their dogs a very healthy. Others state that they only feed their dog rice a couple times a week in a dog treat.

If you look at the ingredient list on dog food, you will find that rice is a very common ingredient in most premium quality dog foods.

The benefits of Jasmine rice for your dog are:

        1. Carbohydrates
        2. Protein
        3. Fiber
        4. Iron
        5. Niacin
        6. Thiamine
        7. Amino Acids
        8. Cholesterol Is Low
        9. Saturated Fat Is Low
        10. Low Sodium (Don’t Add Salt to Maintain This)

Jasmine rice provides a great energy source for dogs. Additionally, it’s beneficial for good bacteria growth in dogs. It’s a good choice for dogs with high blood pressure. And it helps their brains to function well.

Just like each of us is different, your dog can be different too. For instance, it is a good idea to find out how often your vet feels that your dog can have rice. Similarly, it is not very common, but there are a few dogs that have a rice allergy.

Rice Sensitivity in Dogs

Likewise, some dogs have a rice sensitivity. It is rare, because most dog food has rice. Above all, some signs to keep an eye out for are:

        • A Lot Of Itching
        • Dry Irritated Skin
        • Cauliflower Ear
        • Abundant Shedding

These symptoms alone don’t mean that your dog has a rice sensitivity. For instance, they could mean that your dog is struggling with other issues or even the weather can cause these reactions. Above all, when you see these symptoms, take your dog to the pet and get to the root of the cause.

In conclusion, dogs can eat Jasmine rice and many other types of rice. How much and how often your dog can eat it will be determined by you, your vet, and your dog. Similarly, if your dog does not have a rice sensitivity, then rice is a great option for homemade dog food and dog treats.

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