UPDATE: Gigi has been adopted!

They call it “Black Dog Syndrome, ” but these fur babies just see that they’re not the chosen ones. They watch as seniors, couples, and families come; but choose other dogs for adoption. Dogs that have much lighter coat colors. A feeling of dread overcomes them as they get closer to going through that door that they never walk out of again.

Dogs For Adoption, Dog Adoption Programs


Dog Adoption Programs


Gigi, a cute fox terrier, has felt the impact of this “syndrome” over and over again. She has experienced being passed over by many families.

She is in a shelter that will only house her temporarily. If someone does’t come for her soon, she will be put down.

It is believed that some people still believe that darker coats are bad luck. Some say that dark coats mean that they are evil or that those who keep them will experience unfortunate events.

That is the only explanation that shelter workers and volunteers can think of when questions why dogs like Gigi does’t get adopted.

Many black dogs have been euthanized over the years. More than any other coat color. Is it because we are superstitious? Has our society brain-washed us into thinking that black dogs are not desirable as family members?

Black Is The Bomb

Dogs for adoption, dog adoption programs

Let’s help Gigi realize that there are people out there that think that black is the bomb. Black is beautiful. And not only is Gigi beautiful, she has an amazing personality.

We must change Gigi’s mind about the limited acceptance of dogs like her in our society. We all must share this story until Gigi is no longer one of the dogs for adoption in San Bernadino Animal Shelter. Gigi needs a home. She deserves a loving family.

Keep Gigi from Euthanasia. If you are ready to save Gigi’s life, call (909) 384-1304. Her ID Number is: A502791

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