Recently, there has been talk that Carry Underwood wondered two things.
1. Why her dog’s paws smelled like Frito’s.
2. Why she wanted to smell her dogs paws in the first place.

As odd as that might sound, we know that she is not the only one out there smelling her dog’s paws and thinking they smell like Frito’s or corn chips! If you have not been among this popular group of people, then it might be time to join them so that you can experience this phenomenon yourself!

Take a Whiff

Dogs Paws Smelled Like Fritos


Go and grab your furry friend. Gently hold him by the paw and take a gentle whiff. And I bet that you will discover that it is true! Your dog’s paws also smell like FRITO’S! Ha ha! If not, you better let us know! (That is if you are as confident as Carry Underwood and will admit that you are smelling dog paws!)

Some people have said that their dog’s paws definitely smell like Frito’s, while others have argued that it is not that strong of a smell, it is more like corn chips. My husband is a lover of Frito’s, especially Chile Cheese Frito’s, so he would have none of that and say it was corn chips, if I could convince him to take a whiff at all that is!

Popcorn Paws

Dogs Paws Smell Like Popcorn

There is yet another group that says that their dog’s paws smell more like popcorn. Which is another favorite of my husband, so I am pretty sure there is not going to be any convincing him to go smell the paws of a man’s best friend because then he could be at risk for not feeling up to eating his favorite snacks anymore.

However, Be aware that if you think your dogs paws smell like popcorn, then you are not alone!

Sniff Your Dog’s Paws

So, go ahead, go find your furry friend, smell their paws and see what it smells like. No worries, we will wait right here for you to go do it and come back.

Congratulations on being one of the few daring people to go and sniff some doggy paws. As it turns out, you have just smelled the awesome scent of Pseudomonas! What is that you ask? Well, you could ask Dr. Robert J. Silver, because in a recent Huffington post article, the veterinarian explained that it is a microorganism! Or in other words a bacteria.

Yep, you just smelled some yummy smelling bacteria! So, this bacteria works its way into your dog’s paws through the soil and water that they walk through outside. (Now do not let that discourage you from letting your best friend back out for a day of fun in the sun and enjoying the mud and dirt!)

No Fear

And do not worry. The bacteria is not going to harm you or your pet. So, if you are one of those people who enjoy smelling your doggy’s paws, you can go ahead and continue to do so without fear.

It’s OK if you dogs paws smelled like Fritos. All is well if your dogs paws smell like popcorn. Totally normal if your dogs paws smell like corn chips.

However, if you do smell something suspicious, then you better get it checked out, so that your canine friend can continue to enjoy good health and keep you company for years to come.

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