Yorkie’s were breed to kill rodents in the workplace in England. Eventually, these cute little pups moved up in the world. They became the choice of English royalty. Today, they are the world’s second most popular dog breed.

These dogs are great for singles and seniors. These sweet babies are very focused on their owner. However, they are not good with families. Yorkies are known for chasing and even biting little children. These fluffs of fur are very protective and rightfully so. They have tiny bones that they know must be protected.

Hypoallergenic Yorkie

One thing that stands out about a Yorkie is their smooth and silky coat.Furthermore, this coat is more like human hair than dog hair. They don’t have dander. This makes the Yorkie a great pet for those with allergy sensitivities.


Extinct Ancestors


The ancestors of the Yorkie are Clydesdale and Paisley terriers that are now extinct. They are also freed from the Skye and Airedale terriers from Scotland. Furthermore, it is amazing that these dogs are so tiny with the size of some of their ancestors.

They are in the toy group of dogs but are still terriers. They tend to be about nine inches tall from the ground to their shoulder. And are about 5-7 lbs. When they are born, their coat is tan and black. Later, their coat turns to tan and blue.

Yorkie Characteristics

These little cuties love to be with their owners. It is not a good idea to leave them alone outside or at home. They are easy to train.

Yorkies can either have a long, beautiful coat, or a cure puppy cut. Usually only those dog owners who plan to show their Yorkie take the time to grow a long coat. It takes a lot of brushing every day. Sometimes several times a day.

They can get tooth decay and gum disease. It is important to help them with their dental care. They are very intelligent and they are great lap dogs. This breed is very energetic, and they are able to live anywhere and are easy to train.

Adorable Yorkies

These dogs are just adorable. If you are curious if they are a good fit for you or just like them check out the video!

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