For those who are binge watching “Street Outlaws” and are getting a street racing adrenaline rush, a common question asked is “What is Farm Trucks Dog Breed?” Farm Truck’s dog is a very beautiful and talented Blue Heeler.

A Blue Heeler is an Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs have an interesting history, that I’m sure you will find as interesting as Farm Truck and AZN themselves.

Back in 1840, Australian George Elliot, created the Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog. Elliot created this breed through mixing native dingoes with collies and other herding dogs.


Blue Heeler Qualities


Farm Trucks Dog Breed

These dogs are known for being alert, resourceful, intelligent and very protective. Farm Trucks dog breed is high energy and are very active dogs. They are not likely to do well in an apartment-style living condition.

These beautiful dogs are natural herders, and they will try to herd family members. They can nip at people’s heels, so it is a good idea to be aware of this tendency and train them early on.

Blue Heelers have very strong jaws, and they can easily tear apart soft dog toys in seconds. They are very curious, they love to explore, especially outdoors. They can be territorial and so it is best to watch them when they are interacting with new dogs.

Additionally, these great canines can live up to 15 years old. Sometimes, they have issues with hip dysplasia, their eyes, and some can become deaf. These dogs are tough, and they love to work hard for their humans.

It is clear why this dog is Farm Trucks Dog Breed Choice. It is hard to imagine Farm Trucks dog being any other breed.

Personal Blue Heeler Story

Farm Trucks Dog Breed

Several years ago, I was a foster home placement for dogs. I often took dogs in from rescue groups and trained them until they found forever homes. I would often care of other people’s dogs when they were out of town.

One weekend, I accepted a beautiful dog named Lexi into my care. She was fun and energetic. I and My children really enjoyed playing with her in the backyard and throughout the house.

In the evening, my husband decided that we would get a fire going in the fireplace and make smores. He used an old phone book to start the fire. We had a great time, and Lexi did too. She stayed close by me, curled up against my feet.

Deep Dark Sleep

It came time to go to bed. We had enjoyed the time together so much, that we decided to all stay in the living room by the fire on the floor. In the middle of the night, I awoke to painful scratching on my back. The scratches stung and burned.

Lexi was scratching with all her might! Therefore, at first I was angry, but then I felt the burning in my throat. I realized that I could not breathe and my eyes were stinging and watering. Painfully, I opened my eyes seeing that the room had filled with thick dark smoke.

Then The Smoke Cleared

The phone book started smoldering in the middle of the night. I felt around for my children and cried out to my husband that the phone books was still burning. In the dark, my husband grabbed the phone book and ran outside with it.

With the phone book gone and the door open, the house quickly cleared of smoke. My eyes were still burning, my throat burned.

However, I and my children were safe. Reaching out, I placed Lexi’s face in both of my hands. Rubbing her ears, I said, “Good Girl!” Above all, it was then that tears of gratitude filled my eyes and I realized that Lee had saved our lives. She truly was an amazing, protective dog.

It is clear to see why the Blue Heeler is Farm Trucks dog breed of choice.

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