In Brazil, a stray dog was caught right in the middle of a busy highway. Nobody knew how he got there. Frightened and unable to do anything on his own, he stood stranded and hopeless near the center divider. It did not look like anyone had the time or the guts to stop and save an animal.

Hero of Heroes: Bus Driver

An unexpected hero arrived and raced to rescue him amidst the rushing traffic and overwhelming noise of vehicles passing by.

The dog looks surprised when the bus, bound for Rio de Janeiro, suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway. It was surprising for the dog and unexpected for the bus passengers too. After all, it’s unusual for a bus to stop right in the middle of the road. There were not any boarding passengers in sight. Typically, buses don’t take the time to stop to save an animal.




The passengers quickly realized why they were stopping.

Moreover, it was the bus driver who came to the scared dog’s rescue by stopping the bus in the middle of the highway. After that, the bus driver went out of his way to pick up the stranded dog and carry the poor pup all the way to where the bus is located.

Dog Rescue Video

One of the bus’s passengers, recorded video footage of what happened, and here it is:

Frightened Dog In A Busy Highway

Caught right in the middle of a busy highway, frightened and unable to do anything on its own, he stood stranded and hopeless just near the center divider…..

Posted by I Love Dogs Club on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The pup boarded the bus with the help of the bus driver. The dog’s expression showed relief, the ordeal was over.

Thankful Passengers

The passengers were delayed. Understanding the reason why, no one complained. As a result, in the background of the video you can hear a single passenger exclaim how thankful he is for the driver’s decision to save the poor dog amidst the traffic.

Similarly, everybody in the bus feels the same way.

Grateful Dog

In Conclusion, thank you, dear bus driver, for your kindness, and surely, the dog will be forever grateful as well. Ever wonder if your dog has loved you forever?

Source Padre Miguel News through Facebook



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