Jonathan Warren is one lucky dog worthy of envy.

When Amanda Klecker and Jeremy Simon first saw the Chihuahua in a Connecticut shelter, they were instantly smitten. Although the little dog was skin and bones, the couple still knew right away that they want to adopt him.


Jonathan, known as Johnny in the shelter, was just 12 months old when he ended up in the shelter?s death row. Back in the shelter, Jonathan lived inside a cage and was supposed to die without knowing how beautiful it is outside.

The Chihuahua was able to fit in into the Manhattan life of Amanda and Jeremy almost immediately. Aside from living a fabulous life in the Upper East Side, Jonathan is now a certified globetrotter.

With his parents traveling a lot for work, Jonathan gets to come with them in every country they go to. Now, when Amanda and Jeremy prepare for their holidays, Jonathan is always included in their plans. Whenever they would pack for a trip, Jonathan would sulk around until he sees his own suitcase being prepared. Yes, he has his own suitcase!

The sweet dog enjoys the window seat in planes, so the couple always has to make sure that they ride a pet-friendly airline. Jonathan enjoys any type of commute, from planes to cars and trains. To make it even better, the dog seems to know how to act around public places, as he has never had any accident and is known to just relax during trips.

Amanda and Jeremy?s favorite place to bring Jonathan is Europe, as the area is mostly pet-friendly. This way, they can bring Jonathan along everywhere. So far, Jonathan has been to Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Holland, and his pictures are very Instagram-worthy.

Seeing how much Jonathan enjoys his trips and adventures, the couple has made it a mission to always bring him wherever they go and to let him see the beauty of the world, something he was almost robbed of experiencing.

All photos courtesy of Jonathan’s very own Instagram page.





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