He was born to abolitionist Quaker parents, and in 1934, he died. “He painted many pictures of dogs.” The local proclaimed after his life came to an end.Since he has died, his paintings have sold for many tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. A few years ago, one of them, dogs playing poker painting, sold at Sotheby’s for $658,000.

Who He Is

Do you know who “he” is? If you do not know, do not feel bad. Many people have no idea who he was that we asked either. The answer to our Jeopardy question is: “Who is Cassius Marcellus Coolidge?”

What He Did Before Pictures Of Dogs

Coolidge was born September 18, 1844 in Antwerp, New York. Cassius was a man of many titles. For instance, Mr. Coolidge was a drugstore owner, a bank owner and an inventor. He started the first bank in Antwerp.


Additionally, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge invented carnival cutouts. You could stick your head through the holes. It looked like you were someone else, like a mermaid, a muscular body-builder or some other fantastic character.

In 1909, Cassius got married at the age of 65 to Gertrude Kimmel. After that, within the next year, they had a daughter they named Marcella.

Over 100 Years Later

Coolidge is buried in the Hillside Cemetery. Today, people send him digital flowers on the find a grave website for his birthday and other occasions.

In Addition, people tell him how much they love his paintings, the famous series. Especially, his dogs playing poker painting. Most see his photo and do not know who he is. But they love his pictures of dogs.

Even hearing his name, they do not know who he is. However, if people see his dogs playing poker painting, almost everyone recognizes it. People have loved his painting for over a 100 years.

Remembering Kash or Cash

The painting called “Dogs Playing Poker, ” is not the only painting Cassius painted in this series. There are at least eight known variations of this theme alone. Which is why he was referred to as the man you painted pictures of dogs.

However, he was also a street address painter and a cartoonist. Coolidge did not need to paint a single poker dog painting. As a kitsch artist, his plywood cutout invention, insured Mr. Coolidge’s place in history.

There is great appreciation from others for his art. Similarly, for founding a bank, his drugstore, and a newspaper. However, with his hands in many things, one might wonder what he would have wanted us to remember that he accomplished in life.

One thing for sure, his loved ones called him “Kash”. In conclusion, you have to wonder that if they knew in the future his creations would require a lot of cash to own. One thing for sure, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge left is mark in the world of dog art.

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