Today more than ever we lead busy lives. We often have long commutes to work, or even just to go to the grocery store. It is such a consistent issue that most of us have questions one time or another, “How long can a dog be left alone?”

There are a few things that will help you answer how long can a dog be left alone. First, it is important to consider the age of the dog. A very young dog as well as an older dog are not going to be able to hold their bladder as well.

It will be different for each dog, but in general most dogs will need to use the restroom within 8-10 hours of being alone. If you are unsure of how long you can leave your dog alone, you can test it out.


Keep track of the time that you leave and when you return. Start out with only a couple hours and then increase the time. If your dog has an accident or goes in their kennel while you are gone, you have an idea of how long they can be alone.

How To Entertain A Dog At Home Alone

How Long Can A Dog Be Left Alone

Here are some ways how to entertain a dog at home alone.

    • Play peaceful music while you are away
    • Provide an indestructible toy that delivers treats as they play with it.
    • Turn on a radio station or TV station that is positive while you are gone.
    • Install a pet cam that you and your dog can communicate on together.
    • Get your dog a friend.

If you still struggle with how to entertain a dog at home alone, you can attempt to use a crate. You also can create a doggy room, or keep your dog in a safe area while you are away so that they don’t chew up anything that they could choke on.

Don’t give your dog free reign of the house while you are away. Make sure you know that you can trust their behavior. There are people that now know it does’t take long for destruction to take place when you have an anxious or bored dog.

What Else To Do With Your Dog When You Are At Work

If you discover that these suggestions are’t working, then it is time to bring in help. You can hire a pet sitter. Similarly, a dog walker or arranged play dates with another dog and owner could work.

They can take care of your dog while you are gone, and vice versa. Another great option is to take your dog to a doggy daycare where they can have all the social interaction that they need.

In Conclusion, these are just a few things to consider when determining how long can a dog be left alone.

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