Breeding a dog can be a task. It means dog training, petting, walking, running and feeding. And all these should be done properly or else, you will be stuck with an unruly dog for the rest of your life. You need to know how to choose your dog’s diet. It is important to be picky about what you let inside its body as the tiniest bit can make or break its health.

One of the known things to cause health issues with dogs is not knowing how to choose your dog’s diet correctly. Your dog is good with anything until it becomes too much and causes digestive problems. The most common culprit is grains. In the past dogs did not eat grains, so there is very little reason for you to feed grains to your dog now.

Grains In Dog Food



How To Choose Your Dog's Diet


The funny thing is that canned and every kind of dog food may actually contain grains. This is due to the fact that grains can provide the carbohydrates and other necessary nutrients that dogs need to sustain their energy, day in day out. Grains are also yummy and satisfying so dogs can stay strong and full all day long.

Now, not all dogs can develop sensitivities or allergies for consuming grains. Some can actually live and eat grains all their lives. The same way that not all grains are actually harmful to your dog’s digestive system. Rice, for example, is a grain but it is actually tolerable to most dog breeds. This is important to note when determining how to choose your dog’s diet.

Grain Substitutes

If your dog is one of those that cannot completely tolerate grains in their diets then it is just right to pick something else for him. You can choose to totally do away with grains or look for substitutes, which can provide the same amount – or at least close to – the nutrients they need.

A good substitute if rice is causing your dog some troubles would be sweet or white potatoes, carrots, and green peas. Chickpeas are also popular replacements for grains in dog foods. All these and more can be cooked and tenderized to the texture of grains. More importantly, they are yummy and really good for dog meals.

Choosing Dog Meals

The one thing that you should remember is that dogs love to eat as much as they love resting and playing. Knowing they are this active, you should give them carbohydrates and protein-rich meals. These nutrients will keep your dog active and strong for its daily activities and maybe, chores – if you have been training it to do some work around the house or farm.

A dog’s food bowl matters when planning meals and training your dog’s feeding manners. You need to normalize your scent with that of the dog food on the bowl to ensure it doesn’t create any miscommunications in the future. To do so, you need to hand feed your dog and then use your hand to place food into the bowl.

Choosing the correct meals for your dog requires the help of a trusted and experienced vet. You should get advice as to the current health of your dog so you can pick the appropriate food for your fur ball.



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