In Pennsylvania, there is a Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. The main purpose of the establishment of this office was to ensure the welfare of puppies being bred commercially and by breeders. However, it now also compiles the PA Department of Health Dog Bite Report.

Info In The PA Department Of Health Dog Bite Report

The PA Department of Health Dog Bite Report is a list of registered dangerous dogs, unregistered dangerous dogs, and rabies reports. By state law, a dangerous dog is defined as one that:

        1. Was used when a crime was committed.
        2. Attacked a human being without cause.
        3. Injured or killed a cat or a dog not on their property.
        4. Severely injured a human on either private or public property. (This is defined as a broken bone or lacerations requiring several sutures to repair.)

In addition to this list, they must ALSO have a history of attacking other dogs, cats or humans without cause. Or the likelihood of attacking any of the aforementioned. Which can be established just by one incident.


Personal Information


PA Department Of health Dog Bite Report

The dog’s name, breed, and color are listed when available. Additionally, the dog’s owner’s name and home address is listed. The county, the dog lives in is included. Similarly, whether or not the dog has been registered. There is also a class assigned to each dog.

Conditions Of Keeping A Dangerous Dog

If an owner is able to keep their dangerous dog, then they are going to have to register it. The cost of registration is $500 a year. It is due the beginning of January.

The dog must also be in a secured kennel. There must be a roof. If the sides are not attached to a concrete floor, the sides must go two feet into the ground. Children and other animals should ‘t be able to get into the enclosure and the dog should’ t be able to get out.

If the dog is outside of it’s enclosure, then it must have a muzzle on. There needs to be a sign warning about the dog, and it needs to be spayed or neutered. Insurance of $50,000 needs to be carried on the dog in case it harms anyone, or another animal or property and it must have a microchip.


This is not the complete list of requirements, but it is a better compromise than what would happen in other states. Many states would have the dog euthanized. This compromise provides for the protection of society from the dog, but also allows the dog to live.

While it is not the ideal situation, it does offer protection of life to all parties. You can find the Dangerous Dog Registry here.

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