It’s time to celebrate! There is nothing more fun for you and your puppy, then the moment you all get together for your puppy party! Bring on the abundance of doggy bag party favors, cake, and fun things to do with your dog at home!

If you are celebrating your puppy’s birthday, adoption day, national puppy day or another holiday, it’s important to know how to celebrate in a way your puppy will love!

Know Your Dog

First things first, get your dog toys that he loves playing with. As you pay attention to what she enjoys, it will easier to figure out what she loves. Going into pet stores that allow you to bring your furry friend can also make this a lot easier!


Doggy Bag Party Favors
doggy bag party favors


Next, think about your puppy’s favorite treats. Make sure to have those on hand, as well as some new treats to try. There are some really cute dog biscuits, cookies and other goodies that you can find in pet stores and online. These are some great items to use as doggy bag party favors.

Make sure there are treats for guests that will be attending the celebration for your dog too. It is always fun to choose cute and adorable Doggy bags for your guests.

Pampering Your Doggy

Pampering and preparation are in order. Take your dog in to get groomed, with some extra add-on’s like a bow, a new collar, some scented powder, painted nails, whatever it is that will help your dog feel pampered.

Dog Massage

There are a few ways that you can make sure that you give your pampered puppy a really good massage before your puppy party begins.

You could choose to find a certified canine massage therapist near you, or save a little bit by going to a dog massage therapy school. (Get business cards to include as doggy bag party favors.) Additionally, you could get a great dog massage book and give her a doggy massage yourself.

If you don’t feel the need to take your dog to the dog groomer, you always can give him a nice bath, and then a nice place to just lay down and relax. If your dog has a special dog friend, then let them join in on the fun as an extra special pampering treat that they experience together.

Buy A Cake For Your Dog

If you are like me, about now you are thinking, “Where can I buy a cake for my dog?” Every puppy party needs cake or some type of dessert! Luckily, there are a lot of cities that have dog bakeries, and even some pet stores now carry dog friendly cakes and desserts.

Puppy Pictures

If you don’t take pictures of your puppy party, it never happened! And who does not love puppy images! Your puppy is only young once, and it will be a time to never forget! Just think about it, you can create a great personalized pet photo albums or a puppy photo book.

If your dog does not have a friend, and you have space in your heart and home for another doggy friend, consider taking your dog to help choose the newest family member! We recommend going to a local animal shelter and rescuing a shelter dog. There are always dogs waiting for a good home.

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home


fun things to do with your dog at home

After pampering and relaxation are over the puppy party begins! In other words, have a few fun things to do with your dog at home!

Choose games that your dog will enjoy! Play catch, run around in the yard, play tug of war, go on a walk in the park, go for a swim in the local lake, in your pool or spend time at a dog park. Choose a couple activities that your dog loves to do. After that, do them together, or with your dogs friends and their owners.

Your Celebration Ideas

Remember to be creative with the decor and invitations. Having a planned party means that it’s easier to let the other people know what to expect on your dog’s special day. We’d love to hear about what ideas you have to make your dog’s day of celebration great.

In Addition, please share your experiences while celebrating, and above all, send us your puppy party pictures!

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home



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