Many people wonder what it takes to be able to register their dog as a service dog, emotional support dog or therapy dog. You are not actually required to do that. However, training your dog is required. There are perks to training your dog as a service animal. It will be able to always be with you, go into stores, and there can be some other perks too.

Types Of Service Dogs

There are many different types of service dogs. Some help let their owner know if they are having a blood sugar spike. They can alert them if they are about to have a seizure. Some help lead the blind and the deaf. Many have been able to help those who are paralyzed to do their laundry, open the fridge, get their food, and many other tasks.

Service Dog

A service dog helps people with disabilities. The ADA states that those who have trained service dogs can take their dog into any public service area. Businesses must let them enter.


Landlords must allow a service dog without charging extra for rent. In other words, even if they do not typically allow pets, they have to allow a service dog. Similarly, restaurants must allow dogs in dining areas, and airlines must allow the dogs to fly for free.

A service dog can become registered after going through 120 hours of training. Training takes about 6 months. In Addition, at least 1/4 of the training will need to take place in public.

Once they complete every task perfectly, they will be able to be considered a service dog. In other words, there is no cost for registration. However, some organizations will pay as much as $25,000 to get their dogs trained.

An Emotional Support Dog

If you want an emotional support dog, the benefits are different. Landlords must allow emotional support dogs at no additional charge. In addition, emotional support dogs fly in the airline cabin for free.

In addition, there are conditions that allow you to have an emotional support dog. For instance, PTSD, depression, anxiety and so on. A doctor’s letter is required, but there is no training requirement. However, having your dog go through training to do the task that you want them to do is best. And there are organizations that help you train your own service dogs.?

A Therapy Dog

A therapy dog is a little bit different. There are no benefits. They can be asked to leave public spaces, not be allowed in housing, and can’t fly on airlines free.

Therapy dogs are utilized in schools, hospitals, and other areas to help lift people’s spirits that are going through a hard time. There is not a specific registration for these dogs. However, organizations require that therapy dogs register with a dog registry.

Take The Steps

In conclusion, to register your dog as a support animal, a service dog, or a therapy dog, the steps are clear and simple. Take the necessary steps. After that, your dog will be registered. Above all, you will have the support partner that you have desired to have.

How To Adopt A Service Dog



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