Do you love dogs so much that you have reached a point where you think it’s the kind of devotion you can turn into a paying job? Have you contemplated how to become a dog walker as a career, or a semi-career? If you answered yes, here are a few tips.

Know Your Objective

A career shift is always a major decision. This said, it is crucial that your know exactly what your objectives are. If you are planning to jump-start your dog-walking job or business, make sure you’ve done sufficient research on this niche.

By doing your research you’ll know the asking price of dog walkers in your area, to which you can base how much you’ll charge your future clients. Knowing this info will also allow you to set yearly income goals.


Similarly, by knowing this information when you become a dog walker, your rates will be reasonable. Additionally, the more research you’ve done, the more of an expert you will be. This can be used for your advantage when applying for dog walking jobs.

How To Become a Dog Walker

Create A Business Model

This is only if you’re actually serious about turning dog-walking into a paying profession or business. Not one entrepreneurial endeavor has succeeded without a business model. This is why you have to get creative about your business plan as well.

Draft your own contract. Read on the basics of marketing and accounting. Know a thing or two about advertising and turn what you’ve learned into a legit dog walking campaign.

Make a habit of monitoring for dog walking jobs posted online in your area. Post on dog walking sites and directories.

Expand Your Dog Knowledge

Sure you love dogs, but do you know the most common medical issues that plague Collies? If not, it’s about time you brush up on your canine knowledge. If you know a lot about as many canine breeds as your mental space can handle, it’s a surefire way to impress your would-be clients.

Also, this knowledge can come in handy during certain situations. For instance, you’re walking a Poodle that suddenly lies prostrate on the street, you’ll know what to do if you’ve done your research.

Set Boundaries

Specific dog breeds are not suited to all kinds of people. The opposite is also true. On your own if you cannot quite manage a Doberman does’t make you any less of a dog lover.

If anything, it makes you an honest and responsible dog care professional. Only accept dog walking jobs that you are comfortable taking and can under promise and over deliver on.


If you are still strapped for cash and you can’t afford to print flyers or run a website, you have social media at your disposal. No one will know or buy what you are selling if no one’s aware of your business in the first place.

So get your message out there and make sure your message is as clear and enticing as it can get. Applying some creativity can help you stand out when you become a dog walker.

Dog Walking Jobs

Keep Safe

First important investment for dog walkers: citronella spray. This can easily discourage doggy aggression. No matter how you fancy yourself a legit dog whisperer, emergencies can and will happen.

To stay away from doggy brawls, refrain from taking your canine pack to the public park. Stay on a safe route.

Choose Your Route Wisely

Safety should be your utmost concern. And by safety we mean yours and your dog pack’s. Choose routes that are not too crowded. If you’re walking non-active breeds, stick with basic routes that don’t have much elevation or challenging inclines. The key is to think like a dog.

Aggressive Chewers-Suggested Toys



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