It is believed that the Cocker Spaniel may have been one of the few dogs that traveled to the Americas on the Mayflower. However, they are the smallest of the bird sporting dogs. But the lingering question is, “Can a Cocker Spaniel detect cancer?”

These dogs are known for being very friendly. In fact, they are so friendly, that they make bad watch dogs. They will greet just about anyone.

Originally, these beautiful fur babies were bred to hunt birds. Additionally, they do have great noses. These spaniels have large dark, almond-shaped eyes and they have the cutest long floppy ears.


Cocker Spaniel Characteristics


Most of these dogs live about 12-15 years. They require consistent grooming. It’s important to keep the hair under their ears trimmed to prevent ear infections. These sporting dogs need a stress free environment.

Next, they do OK in an apartment as long as you exercise them. They can get cataracts and knee problems. It is important to take them regularly to the vet to monitor these health conditions.

These great spaniels can be trained. However, they tend to be a bit stubborn. If they are not trained well, a little aggression can be an issue. They can become territorial.

Cocker Spaniel Detecting Cancer

At Wycombe Hospital, in England, there are 15 cancer-detecting dogs. Similarly, of these 15 dogs, there is one dog named Tangle. In Addition, Tangle is a Cocker Spaniel. She was able to detect cancer through urine samples more accurately than the other cancer detection dogs.

It is not clear if all Cocker Spaniels could be trained to do this. However, Tangle is one of at least two Cocker Spaniels that do.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies

First, there is nothing as sweet as cocker spaniel puppies. Take a look for yourself, and you will see that these balls of fur and love are irresistible.

Cocker Spaniel Adoption Experience

Second, the couple are surprised when their names move up the list unexpectedly. They generously share their experience in picking up Lennox, taking him home, and helping him settle in.

In Conclusion, there is nothing like getting to hold, pet and love a Cocker Spaniel. They are a great dog to have!

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