You understand dog talk much better than you believe you do. You have not perfected your canine communication. That would require you to be a dog. Have you ever thought about dog DNA? Do our canine friends love us, because it is in their genes?


If you lived in a world that only had dogs, you would comprehend most of what they communicate pretty easily. How do dogs understand us?


Right now, you can discern an anxious yip from a deep growl. A friendly bark hello from a bark that conveys the message to get outta here or else! You can decipher body movement that expresses pure delight.

Therefore, you can recognize sadness or depression, weariness, terror, and begging for fun right now. (Come on! I want to go outside now!)

You’re Extraordinary

Do you realize how extraordinary that is? If not, then think about this: What does a delighted bird do or say? What about a depressed lion? In other words, you can imagine some human like response to those, however, there is no question in your mind that you can understand dog talk.

Which is similar to your initial communications in human language. You don’t have to attempt to discover what some basic emotions mean. You’ve matured in a world where dogs are everywhere and you’re able to quickly understand them.

The Human and Dog Bond

I think that reveals something about our bond as human beings with dogs. We interact with cats, we work with and rely on horses, we use cows for their milk, hens for their eggs often only paying them with food.

Our lives, and animal’s lives are interwoven. However, we are not as bonded to them as we are to dogs. Is the human and dog bond due to dog DNA? Is there something within dogs that help them understand and communicate with us?

A Relationship Develops

Humans and dogs love each other. This relationship began up to 14,000 years ago. In the beginning, humans allowed dogs to help protect their community. Dogs were given food in exchange for their service.

Meeting those needs, resulted in relationship growth. We started hunting together. After that, dogs began to assist us by starling prey. Dogs made it easier to make a kill, for instance, saving us time.

Similarly, they began to help us retrieve the kill. As our relationship progressed, our dog became part of our family.

Above all, dogs were kept in or near our homes instead of on the outskirts of our community. Today, people state their dogs are like their children. That is quite the relationship development!

Through a Dog DNA Test, you will discover that every dog breed can be traced back to the wolf. The wolf is not like the domesticated dog. They are skittish and standoffish. They will run away. This is similar with coyotes as well.

So, what makes dogs different?

Dog DNA Test

Chromosome 6

On chromosome 6, in dog DNA, investigators found 3 genes that code for hyper-sociability– and those genes are located in the exact same location on us. Who knows if this has always been or has developed over time.

What started out as a mutual-service agreement between our species and the canines has ended up being something far more like love.

It makes you think does’t it? There is so much more being learned all the time through a dog DNA test. Is man’s relationship with dogs by genetic design?

Your Dog: Man’s Best Friend- Here’s Why



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