The Maltese dog was chosen as the dog of the wealthy for centuries. It’s believed that they originated from the land of Malta. It is quite possible that they may be one of the oldest toy breeds.

Maltese Dog History

Aristotle said that the Maltese dog is a cloud, that is floating in the sky. Similarly, in ancient Greece they were venerated. These balls of fluff have been found on pottery, in paintings, and mentioned in literature.

These adorable dogs descend from hunting dogs. However, that was bred out of them. They have dark round eyes, a button nose, are all white, and they have hair rather than fur.


Above all, white is the only acceptable color. The Greeks saw the color white as sacred and they wanted their dogs to represent the divine.

Maltese Dog Characteristic

This small dog is great to carry around with you. In other words, they fit in small pockets, purses, and arms. This means that they have to take many steps if they are walking with their owners to keep up to their one or two steps.

They do well in many environments. However, these dogs are not really the best choice for hiking and running.

It’s important to train them when they are young that it is OK to be alone. If pampered when young, Maltese will demand it when they are older. If you want to be able to leave the Maltese dog alone at home, then train them young.

These fur babies are’t good for young children. They’re fragile and young children need to take care around them. However, they’re perfect as companion dogs.

Maltese Dog Oldest Lap Dog

These dogs are one of the oldest lap dogs. In addition, they are one of the oldest dog breeds.

In ancient times, women especially loved Maltese dogs. They were perfect for fitting in their laps, or in the long bell sleeves of their dress.

Cute Maltese Puppies

In conclusion, Maltese puppies are so precious! See for yourself in the video below!

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