It seems that there has been increase dog shootings by law enforcement across the country. And questions about this increase has many law enforcement agencies running for cover amidst the ever growing outrage from the public whenever they read “Police Shoot Dog” in their local and national headlines.

In Addition, this could quite possibly compel state legislators to call for better accountability and more liability for those in uniform that kill family pets.

Runaway Child, Runaway Dog

Many have heard about Utah police officers who fired upon a family member’s dog while looking for a lost child. This triggered numerous pet owners to protest in front of the Salt Lake Police Department in June.


Police shot a dog when he was in his own backyard. The missing child they were looking for was home in his own bed sleeping. Similarly, in West Virginia, police shot a family dog as it was running away from them! The poor woman was screaming for the officers to hold their fire so she could put her pet inside.

Dog Shootings On The Rise

Pets Killed By Police

Law enforcement databases don’t contain the number of household pets killed by police. Therefore, it is hard to determine if the numbers really are on the increase. However, the stories seem to be increasing. More people are suffering the unnecessary loss of their family pet. An investigation into how many pets are being killed by police has been requested. In other words, they believe there are more cases that occur than are reported in the media. There is a push for more rules and regulations on officers to hold them accountable. For instance, the law would demand that they answer as to why they shot and killed a pet, and whether or not it was truly justified.


There are certain times, an officer must shoot a family pet. For example, if it is attacking them or stopping them from pursuing a suspect. However, it is not OK to just shoot a family pet because an officer is nervous or for any other reason that is not justified.

Transparency is important when it comes to police procedures that involve family pets. In other words, knowing police procedures mean we are informed. Above all, when we are aware of police in our area we can take the necessary action to protect our pets.

Similarly, pets that do not belong to pursued suspects are being shot. They happen to be in a yard of their own when the suspect jumps a fence, or ran through their driveway. Then, suddenly police shoot dog.

It was not clear how much, if any training officers go through in order to make the best decisions when it comes to encountering a family pet while they are trying to fulfill their legal duties.

Voice For Animals

In conclusion, The Voice for Animals, formed by Rosenthal and his wife, will be a non-profit organization. They will take cases where police killed family pets. Therefore, tackling these issues, as well as litigating a few of the most outrageous shootings that have taken place.

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