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Chris Evans is not Captain America for nothing.

The American actor who is best known for his role as Captain America in the famous Marvel Comics adaptation is nothing short of being a hero as he has been saving dogs in real life. In this case, rescue dogs.

Evans, now 37-years-old, never fails to amaze people for leaving a big space for animals in his heart. To show his penchant for rescue dogs, the actor adopted Dodger on the day of the celebration of the National Pet Day in 2018.


In April 2018, the Marvel star posted on his Twitter account video footage of the first time he first set sight on the rescue dog Dodger. He narrated on his post how the dog tried so hard to stay seated despite his raving to leave the cage.

For Evans, he knew right away that he wanted to adopt Dodger that is why he took a video of him as proof to their meeting and a remembrance of how they first said hello to each other.?The footage showed how Dodger was too excited to see Evans as the dog wags his tail in excitement. The dog soon licked the hands of the actor – a sign that they are will make an incredible pair.

But how exactly did Evans meet Dodger? The actor, in an interview with The People, said that he decided to adopt Dodger when he was filming his movie Gifted. According to Evans, the last scenes of the movie were filmed in a pound, a kennel, where he first saw Dodger.

He thought to himself if the dogs there, including Dodger, were up for adoption. He would get a confirmation that indeed the dogs were up for adoption later on. As soon as he first saw Dodger, Evans knew they were a good pair, saying the dog was such a good pup, noting the energy of Dodger is like that of a puppy.

Evans is heaven sent to this dog.

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