Anciently, it was very common for dogs to be buried with family members. In more modern times, that has not been the case. If someone wanted to be buried with their dog, they would have to be buried in a pet cemetery. Now you don’t have to wonder where to bury a dog.

The fact that humans could be buried with their pets, in a pet cemetery, left an unanswered question. “If humans can be buried in a pet cemetery, then why can’t pets be buried with their humans?”

Recently, the state of New York answered this question.


Animals To Be Buried With Their Owners


New York has decided that they are going to change the ways that things have been. If someone chooses to, they can have their pet buried right beside them in a human cemetery.

This law not only allows cats and dogs to be buried with their owners. A lot of other animals are allowed too.


Many pet owners are now applauding since this decision was made. It’s about time that our furry family members are able to be buried with us like they used to be.

The law allows for some exemptions. Religious cemeteries don ‘t have to allow these changes if they don’ t want to. Individual cemetery owners also retain the right to refuse to do this.

In Westchester County, New York, a pet cemetery has revealed that at least five people every year choose to be buried with their pets. This is a great way for humans to be able to stay close to their pets after they both pass away.

It is wonderful that New York is allowing man’s best friend to still be beside him even after death. These dog’s give us so much. Companionship, contentment and joy. It’s great that they can be buried with honor, as they should be.

Fur Babies Are Family Members

This is clearly a great outcome to the earlier question. Surely, if humans can be buried in a pet cemetery, then pets can be buried with their owners in a human cemetery.

More often than not, our family is not just those that are related to us by blood. We have family that we choose that are precious to us. Our fur babies are part of our family.

Hopefully other states will follow New York’s lead soon.

Without this law, many people have to resort to sneaking their pets into the cemetery. This is not something that friends or family members should have to do.

With these legislative changes, no one has to go to the cemetery to secretly figure out how to bury a dog. No secretly trying to stash dog urns in a casket with their master. Friends and family can avoid digging an unauthorized grave by the owner. Just a great solution.

Family members and their pets can finally be together if they want to.


Individual cemeteries can choose to not allow you to be buried with your pet. With these law changes, it is possible to search for one that will so that you can be together even after death.

In conclusion, of all the interesting laws that are created every year, this is one that we can all get behind. It makes sense and is so important to animal lovers.

Remember to share this news with all those animal lovers in your life that likely want to be buried with their pet.

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