For a person to enter the police force, one needs to submit himself to rigorous training. Undergoing training isn?t the only requirement. Passing the set standards requires one?s conscious effort on the applicant.

However, dogs entering the canine unit must pass one strict condition. They need to act professionally, even to the point of stripping their friendly behavior. While most dogs can comply with this condition, there are some that cannot do so.

Gavel, the overfriendly pup

Meet Gavel, one of Queensland?s latest applicants to the police force?s canine unit. Though he passed some parts of the training they?ve set, there was one problem that stood out.


According to the trainers, Gavel was one extremely adorable puppy. By this, they meant he does not possess the necessary traits of a police dog. He was just too friendly to pass the test.

Gavel gets promoted!

Gavel was merely not destined to become a police dog. Though German Shepherds are known as one of the most preferred breeds for this work, he does not fit the job description. So, he needs to make reconsiderations on his career.

Good thing this puppy has a good fortune. Queensland?s governor noticed Gavel?s quirky little trait and decided to keep him by his side. The friendly pup now enjoys the title of Vice-Regal Dog or VRD.

Gavel vice-regal dog

Gavel now enjoys the perks of becoming one of the governor?s sidekicks in tourism. As a vice-regal dog, Gavel assumes the most significant responsibility of welcoming guests at the governor?s official residence.

Aside from greeting the guests, he also attends functions together with the governor himself. Think of it like he?s becoming the governor?s trusted right hand.

There are things in life that someone should not take. Gavel?s incredible story tells us that if he doesn?t fit in a particular job description, there is one that is for him.

Take a look at Gavel?s inspiring story below.

Thanks, Oh My Pup for the story.

Video Source: Inside Edition via YouTube



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