Otavio is a rescue dog who had a sad past. He and several other dogs were saved from their abusive owner who had clearly neglected them. Now, Otavio is living a much happier life together with his pet parents, Joice Lamas and her spouse. However, little Otavio doesn?t seem to have fully recovered from his traumatic past.

A year ago, the Lamas couple adopted Otavio from the shelter that saved him. At first, Otavio was afraid of human contact. He was very shy and would often wince whenever someone would try to touch or pet him.


Posted by Joice Lamas on Sunday, March 24, 2019



However, Lamas was determined to help. They made him feel safe and loved. They ensure that he?s always by their side no matter what. Little by little, the couple saw Otavio blossom. Now, Otavio loves to snuggle with them. He has also become a much happier dog.

Despite that, traces of his painful past, somehow, still lingers. Otavio?s wounds may have already fully healed, and he?s no longer shy or afraid of the people around him, but there?s one thing that his parents noticed. Whenever Otavio eats, he leaves his bowl half full.

Regardless of how much food they put on his bowl, Otavio still chooses to eat half of it and keep the other half on the bowl. This breaks Lamas? heart. They keep reassuring him that he can eat everything, but he still does it.

"Quase um ano aqui e o Otavio ainda n?o entendeu que eu vou dar comida duas vezes por dia. Ele sempre reserva metade (e…

Posted by Catioro Reflexivo on Friday, March 22, 2019


It?s unclear why Otavio does this. However, Lamas suspects that this is a result of his painful past. Probably his mealtime was very few and far between, which taught him to ration his food. Or maybe he learned to set aside a part of his food for the other hungry dogs.

Whatever the reason is, hopefully, Otavio will soon realize that his situation now is way different from his past. His family is determined to help him fully move on. Lamas admits that the process needs patience and lots of love, but it?s worth it.

Credit: Joice Lamas, Catioro Reflexivo



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