Throughout the night and all through the day, Southern Arizona had an unusual snowfall of several inches within a day. Many residents that have lived in the area for as long as 21 years stated that they had never seen snow this deep here before.

Dogs In Snow

Once in awhile, you will see some flurries. But, they typically look like sparkling glitter in the sky that melts before they even hit the roof top. But today, we were building snow forts and snowmen.

It was’t just the children and adults that were amazed, so were their fur babies. For many of them, it was the first time that they ever saw snow, for others, it was the first time that they saw this much!


Nala Eats Snow


Nala, a very beautiful and energetic dog, could not help herself. While in the backyard with her young friend, she just had to have more snowflakes for herself. She runs and jumps and tries to eat all the snow flurries.

Suddenly, she instinctively realizes that if she jumps and grabs the branch of a nearby lemon tree, that she can have even more snow for herself. You can’t help but laugh as you watch Nala and all these dogs in snow.

Pictures of Dogs

There were several great pictures of dogs that came in from the area. Fans of the Facebook I Love Dogs Club page sent in their photos too. We just had to share them with you. You cannot help but smile when you see the cute faces of these great dogs!

Nothing really compares to seeing your fur baby enjoying snow for the first time. You never know what their response is going to be. They could love it, play in it, want to eat it up, bark at it, or just run away with their tail between their legs.

We are so happy that these dogs loved their first experience, and we wanted to bring you some joy by sharing it with you.

Feel Like Your Dog Has Loved You Forever?



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