When you think you’re saving an animal, and they ended up saving you instead. Luci was in a family that had too many dogs, so she was brought to a kill shelter instead.

Her new mom found her there, and she was very nervous. Luci hardly did anything when her new mom was touching her. It seems that the kill shelter has traumatized the poor dog.

Her new mom brought her home to save her. Not knowing that Luci will be the one to save her. Luci’s new mom got Luci during a dark time in her life.


She was barely outside and would rather stay home and stay in. She only goes out if she has too. She barely had any friends, and the worst part is she was never close with her dad.

Luci changed all of that. When Luci came into her mom’s life, her mom has become more actives. She goes out on walks with Luci where they both meet new friends.

Luci has changed her mom’s life completely as her bond with her father has changed as well. Her father was never a dog person, but the more he took care of Luci, the more he fell in love with her.

Luci’s mom is now bonding with her father on how to take care of her. They have been speaking again because of her. It is so incredible to see how one dog has changed one woman’s world.

Luci is so affectionate, so full of energy and always wants to be with her mom. The bond between Luci and her mother is special. It?becomes even more special when they?find strength in each other.

As Luci’s mom was saving her, Luci was saving her too. It’s a two-way street. Luci and her mom are meant for each other.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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