If you suppose that a certain age makes any dog a senior dog, that would not be accurate. Dogs that are larger breeds are considered to be elderly when they are only five years old! Similarly, other canines are considered to be in their senior years if they are seven years old or older. It’s important to offer the best dog food for senior dogs.

Organ Health

During this time of life dogs of these sizes and ages start to have issues with their kidney function. Therefore, they experience a decline in the efficiency of their other crucial organs.

After that, help increase your dog’s lifespan by taking the necessary steps to make sure he stays in good health. Similarly, you can spot any poor health early on.


Doing so will make a significant difference in reducing the threat of complications that lead early death. Making sure that you use the best dog food for senior dogs can also help maintain organ health.

Become Familiar

Become familiar with the indicators that your senior dog has a health issue. In other words, could be in trouble. A more common problem dogs can have is the deterioration of their joints.

Some can even end up with the painful condition of arthritis. If your dog is not as limber, they are rigid when they walk, or they are becoming slower when going on walks, then you should get them checked out.

Most of the time, there is medication that can help with the pain and healing. There are also some great senior pet products that can help ease their pain and transitions. It is important not to push your dog too hard as they age. With age also comes difficulty with healing.

If your dog is injured because you forced them to do more than they can, it will take longer for them to heal. Above all, this could be a concern for infection in old dogs.

Some additional issues that you want to keep an eye out for are cancer, heart problems, ear infections, skin infections, seizures, diabetes, and hip dysplasia. All of these become more common in a senior dog.

Early Detection

Often, cancer has spread too far before it has been detected. It’s a good idea to have your pet screened if they have any symptoms of cancer.

Checking your dog’s ears regularly, you can catch infections early. Pay special attention if your dog is rubbing their ears and seem to be in pain.

Skin infections start out itchy and red. If you see unexplained redness and your dog is chewing on her paws or licking that area, take them to the vet. Allergies can arise if you do not feed them the best dog food for senior dogs.

Compassionate Care-Giving

It is so important that you take the time to regularly schedule and keep appointments with your vet, so that you can keep your friend as healthy and strong for as long as possible.

Make sure that they also have a diet that is right for their age. If they are facing dental issues, then you may have to make adaptations. Just like we care our human loved ones as they age, we need to make sure to take care of our furry loved ones too.

How To Choose Your Dog’s Diet



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