Many of us have had the experience of going about our business, playing outside in our neighborhood and then suddenly a dog is chasing us or trying to bite us. Personally, I have a scar on my arm from my own experience as a teen. I have a kid attacked by dog, and she has a scar on her right calf. It’s important to know what to do if dog attacks.

Have a Plan

It is such a common experience. It’s a good idea to have a plan of what to do when it happens, because it will. Not every approach that we will suggest will always work, but it is worth it to try them. Running, or turning your back can get someone nipped in the calf, just like my daughter did.

Kid Attacked By Dog

Kid Attacked By Dog


The first incident that we found recently was a kid attacked by dogs as he was riding his bike down the road. He noticed that there were a couple dogs watching him as he went.

At first, they kept to themselves, but then they started to come after him. It appeared that like he was going to just ride off away from the dogs, but instead, he hops off his bike, turns towards the dogs, and starts to run after them!

This tactic worked for both dogs at first, but then one of them started to come back after the boy. Thinking quickly on his feet, he reached down, grabbed a rock, and acted like he was going to throw it at the dog. The dog took off running, and once again he was safe.

What To Do If Dog Attacks

Some additional ways to deal with a dog that wants to bite or chase you are:

? Face them remaining calm, stay at a 45 degree angle and then slowly walking away (Do not turn your back, a fearful or anxious dog could suddenly bite you)
? Try to get to a place where you can put a barrier between you and the dog.
? If a dog is growling at you, cross the street, stay away from their territory
? Stay calm, stand still, ignore the dog if it is not causing you harm.
? If staying calm does not work, make as much noise as you can, look big and scary, so that they feel the need to run instead of you.

Know The Signs

Throwing a blanket or similar item over an attacking dog. This can stop them. Similarly, spraying water on them, making a lot of noise, or distracting the dog works.

It’s best to know signs of an aggressive dog. Therefore, avoiding a dog attack, rather than waiting until an attack is underway.

In Conclusion, an aggressive dog can come out of no where, it’s best to be prepared, to know what to do in order to avoid an aggressive dog.

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