It’s been a long day at work. You come home and your furry friend is so excited to see you. You’re glad you she met you at the door with a happy smiling face. Now, right before your eyes, you see your dog rolling over.

A smiling face, that is the complete opposite of Marge, your co-worker, who was screaming at you all day, looks up at you. It’s nice to have such a warm greeting, but have you ever wondered, “Why do dogs like belly rubs?”

Watch Your Dog Rolling Over

You set everything down, and head to your favorite chair to kick up your feet and just relax. As you are getting nice and cozy, there’s a nudge against your hand.


You look down. There is your friend who greeted you so happily at the door, rolled over on his back demanding a good ol ‘tummy scratchin’.

You know his favorite spot that will turn him to a limp noodle. He’ll be flying on clouds of ecstasy. All you can do is return the favor.

Give him the reward he is looking for, after all, he waited all day for you to come home. Similarly, who else is always going to be there to greet you excitedly no matter what kind of day it has been? But, why do dogs like belly rubs?

Be Aware

Dog Rolling Over

For a dog, nothing else can really beat a tummy rub right? It is funny how some dogs will kick their paws a little in the air while getting their tummy scratched. Others let their tongue just slide right on out of their mouths in complete satisfaction.

So, what do you think it is about the tummy that makes these rubs so special? Well first off, when you see a dog rolling over onto its back, it may not actually be always wanting a tummy rub. Sometimes, a dog can do this simply because they are showing submission.

Know the difference. Sometimes, this action is your dog wanting to take a break from interaction themselves! If your dog goes stiff when you try to rub her belly, chances are that she actually want a break too.

She shows her submission to you. The trust she has in you to be vulnerable with you. If she is stiff and her ears are tight against her head beware.

If she is showing the whites of her eyes, don’t go trying to scratch her tummy. It can actually lead to her becoming hostile.

New People

However, if her ears are limp. In addition, is she looks happy, like she wants to be there and has flopped down close to you, it’s a good sign.

When she has a relaxed upper body, she actually wants that belly rub. In conclusion, it’s important to be aware your dog’s behavior when your dog is around new people.

In other words, everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience without any unwanted belly rubs!

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