Most people are familiar with the spirited and sweet Golden Retriever. It is among one of the most preferred dog breeds in the United States. Golden Retrievers love to play with children and adults. Many grieving dog owners are asking themselves, “why do golden retrievers get cancer?”

Gold Retrievers will go up to people who don’t want to participate that are sitting along the sidelines and make sure they become involved. Because, a Golden Retriever will run up to them with a ball and keep bugging them to take it and do something with it!

The Darker Side

While this popularity is something that any dog or human would enjoy, there is also the darker side of things. And it turns out that Golden Retrievers are cancers favorite too. Golden Retrievers have a very high chance of having cancer cells.


Campesi believes Golden Retrievers have a rate of about 60% of cancer in the canine world. That is pretty high. Campesi has recently lost one dog to cancer and has another that is 7 years old and has a brain tumor.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Get Cancer?

It is completely understandable that this is hard for her to go through. And even harder for the dogs.

Cancer is not nice to anyone, and it hurts when it takes our loved ones. And like anyone would do, she is looking for answers, searching to find solutions so that this rate of cancer can also be reduced.

A three-year-old Golden Retriever is participating with 3,000 other Golden Retrievers in a study. This study is to find out why cancer cells are so high in this dog breed. The study requires her to keep track of everything eaten or consumed. Similarly, chemicals used around the house are recorded. A camera is attached to her dog’s collar. In other words, it stays on him all the time. It records every task, and everything he does, including sleep. The vet takes samples of her dog’s hair and nails and also does regular and frequent medical examinations.

Beloved Friends

Researchers are considering everything. Potential Environmental causes, ecological possibilities, anything that could cause them to be more likely to have cancer. Even when her dog is giving blood, her dog is still that happy, playful Golden Retriever that he is known to be. He wags his tail and is happy to be with his owner. It is a small price to pay to help her and all other Golden Retriever lovers have their beloved friends for just a little bit longer.

Your Thoughts

What do you think the cause for an increase in cancer among Golden Retrievers? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Some say cancer comes from the food that we eat, but most dogs don’t eat all that we do. Therefore, is it just a genetic weakness? Is it the environment? We’d love to know your thoughts on this.

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