Have you been asking yourself, “Why does my dog bite her feet?” When you ask her to stop does she just keep chewing her paws? Well, there are several possibilities as to why your dog might be licking her.

Your Dog May Be Psychologically Upset

When asking yourself, “Why does my dog bite her feet?” Think about whether or not she has gone through something traumatic recently. Perhaps, she is dealing with anxiety. Maybe she was in a bad storm recently.

Possibly, she was scolded many times for the same undesired behavior. She also could be lonely or be very bored. Sometimes dog licking paws soothes them and helps them feel calm.


At times, dogs can comfort themselves and show themselves a little bit of love when they need it by licking themselves.


Another possibility is that your dog might have an allergy to something. Just like us, dogs can develop seasonal allergies. Dogs can be bothered by pollen and certain plants.

What might look like a dog chewing paws might be a combination of dealing with watery eyes and cleaning off their paws as they try to stop the itching in their eyes.

Dogs can also become allergic to cleaning products in your home. Our furry friends can come in contact with the cleaners that you use on your carpets and other flooring.

Similarly, dogs can develop a food allergy, if not caught quickly, can lead to skin irritation all over their body. Dogs food allergies will often arise from something that they have had contact with, so it is best to be aware of them eating anything other than the food that they have been eating before.

While it is not common, it is possible to develop an allergy to a food that was previously OK that contains wheat, corn, soy etc, which are the ingredients in many types of dog food.


Your dog could also have an injury. It is quite common to see a dog chewing paws when they have a thorn, or some other injury to their paw in an attempt to remove or stop whatever is hurting them.

They could have a splinter or a burr. It is a good idea to check your right away if you see a dog licking paws. Especially if they seem to be licking them a lot more than usual.


why does my dog bite her feet

Lat but not least, your dog could also have a parasite, ticks or fleas that are causing the issue.

Ticks can really cause an irritation to dogs as they are trying to consume as much blood as they can. It is not uncommon to find them on paws, within ears and other places that are harder for the dog to reach.

Fleas can cause an incredibly irritating rash that a dog will lick and lick over again trying to soothe.

When to See The Vet

In conclusion, if you are still wondering “Why does my dog bite her feet?”, There are other underlying conditions that could create paw irritation or cause your dog to want to lick their paws often. It is worth it taking the time to get your fur baby checked out at the vet if you cannot resolve your dog chewing their paws.

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