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Purebred dogs usually cost a hefty sum. Most pet owners prefer a special dog breed which can best suit their needs. But do you know that mutts are just as good, friendly and loyal as their purebred counterparts? It is worth your while to own a mutt and here are the reasons why.

Mutts are more resistant to illness

Purebreds are susceptible to health issues which are common to their breeds. While no scientific studies have been done to prove that mutts are healthier, it is common knowledge that mutts are less likely to develop health issues which have plagued their forefathers. For instance, a mutt may be part German Shepherd, a breed which may develop Hip or Elbow Dysplasia. Since your mutt has fewer German Shepherd genes than its purebred parent, it is less likely to develop this illness.


Mutts can save you $$$


Aside from the fact that mutts are cheaper than purebreds (some shelters just ask for a $50 donation before you can adopt a mutt), most mutts from the animal shelter were already neutered by their previous owners. Most are also house trained, so you need not worry about potty training. This is especially important if you do not have the time and patience to train a new dog.

Most animal shelter mutts are up to date on vaccinations, too, saving you more money.

Mutts are special

Purebreds have specific behaviors which are expected from their breeds. You can expect Golden Retrievers to be playful, or a Bloodhound to have a mild temperament. Mutts, on the other hand, come from a long line of different dogs interbreeding to create a special pup just for you. He can have the best genes from different dog types. This would be a great opportunity to get to know your dog well.

Mutts can do just about everything that purebreds can – or even better!

Mutts can train to be service dogs. In fact, some excellent therapy dogs or emotional support dogs happen to be mutts.

Another thing that mutts can do just like purebreds is compete in agility events. The North American Dog Agility Council, or NADAC, hosts competitions which are not limited to a dog’s breed.

You can save a mutt?s life

Sadly, most people are not aware how awesome mutts are, and a large number of these dogs are still being euthanized in animal shelters all over the world because no one adopts them. In fact, more than half of animal shelter euthanizations in the country happen to be mutts.

Sometimes, animal shelters can be so full that a dog can only have less than 3 days for it to be adopted. After the unfairly short waiting period is over, ?it has to be put to sleep, to free up space for other dogs.

If you are thinking of having a dog as part of your family, why not head over to the shelter to save a mutt’s life? You will never regret it, and your dog will forever be grateful.



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