If you are a person that loves the company of your dog more than others from the human race, then you already understand why your dog is man’s best friend.

However, if you are thinking about getting a dog, trying to understand the dog-lover in your life, or simply landed on this blog, we will tell you why a dog is man’s best friend.

Once you own a dog, your life completely changes. In other words, you have someone that is right there by your side all the time. If you want some privacy in the bathroom, you are not likely to get it anymore. or your furry friend will be constantly whining at the door, or you get to see his paws trying to push their way under it. After a very short time, you realize how adorable this behavior really is.


Man’s Best Friend Has No Greater Love


Dogs will die for you. I cannot tell you the number of stories that I have heard of dogs taking a knife or a bullet for their owners.

And recently, I heard a song about a woman who had cancer, and her husband got her a dog to be there by her side as she went through treatment. Clearly, a dog is not only a man’s best friend.

She was healed, but then something happened. You just have to hear this rap song for yourself.

Shockingly, the vet discovered her dog had the same cancer she had previously. You can how intensely she cried! I cried too!

Above all, her dog really took her cancer from her. You cannot find greater love than that! I believe her. Her dog loved her to it’s very last breath.

Man’s Best Friend Offers Respect

One of the reasons that we think that people bond with their dogs, and they become their best friend is because most dogs are really smart. They learn how you need them to behave at any given moment.

Whether you need a comforting shoulder to cry on or need a laugh so they act like wild and crazy spinning-around-in-circles, tail nipping creatures! And they go that far just to help you.

In addition to that, they learn the rules of the house. Dogs respect you, as long as you are consistent. Your furry friend knows that they should not hop on the sofa.

Man’s best friend may not always obey the rules when you are away. However, while you are there, they are very loyal and faithful. It is said that dogs can learn up to 400 vocabulary words, besides humans, my guess is that only parrots could do better.

Man’s Best Friend Helps Us Be Healthier And Happier

Man's Best Friend

Dogs tend to help us be happier, because they keep us active. Dogs want to go out often. Pups love to be in the yard or out on a walk.

Our fuzzy pals love to drag us with them. By staying active, we naturally are happier. Dogs urge us to play a game of Frisbee or catch.

Doggy buddies help us connect easier with those around us. They will run with us right into new friends! Our fur babies definitely help make connections when we take them to the dog park!

They definitely are always happy to see you. And you can’t say that about another human.

Children are happy to see you when they are young. However, when they become teens, you can forget all about that!

But, that is not the case for a dog, they are always happy to see you. Even seconds after you scolded them for chewing on your new socks and burying your shoes, they still love you unconditionally and act as if that moment never happened.

In conclusion, they are so quick to forgive, we should totally follow their lead on that one! They really are man’s best friend.

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